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Fashion, design, avant-garde and quality are the values that inspire and characterize DOLCE DIARIA.
The brand has a unique " Savoir-faire " and offers you a wide range of glasses, from classic designs to more daring and avant-garde designs.
DOLCE DIARIA attaches great importance to quality and attention to detail.
Each pair of glasses is carefully designed and manufactured to ensure a perfect fit and optimal comfort.
Each of our designs is crafted by hand in a renowned eyewear workshop.
DOLCE DIARIA promises you High-end eyewear, by choosing the best materials like hand-polished Italian acetate or using the finest metals in the world like Titanium, Ip gold plated, stainless steel.
The glasses are also equipped with high quality lenses. We always choose the best for you.
Land of colors and shapes.
The brand highlights Bold and Geometric shapes, complex constructions, mixtures of materials and color schemes in its creations.
Handmade for your face.
Each frame is assembled and molded by the hands of our craftmen.

From the smallest to the tallest, our glasses are for all ages and styles.

Last but not least we want to thank the Eyewear factory we work with who has an undeniable expertise and savoir-faire as well as the craftsmen who contributed to the process and assembly of each frame with their magic hands to create works of art.

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